Building Safety Inspection

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Is your building covered for a potential claim due to accident or injury at your property?

As a Landlord, Property Manger or Body-Corporation, Metro 2 Valley Risk Mitigation Inspection is the way to go in reducing your risk to your investment. The way it works! We provide an Check Point inspection & report that has 2 legislative inspection requirements built within. The new 005A Contract arrangement as force the hand of many PM’s to start acting .In additional to this we cover timber structure hazards, like decks and veranda’s and nominate any repair items they may caused trip or fall hazards. The risk then generate a report back to you and your PM from High to Low risk so that you can start acting in getting your maintenance issues address and thus reducing your current and future risk. This is great when using as a tax depreciation and deduction but most of all you have peace of mind that a Registered Building Inspector is looking over your property. So if you are already paying for annual smoke alarm checks, Pool Barrier Inspections then our inspection for a small extra cost will be of greater value.

Pre purchase Building & Pest Reports

Buying a home can be a stressful process as the financial decisions you make can become the biggest in your life. At Metro 2 Valley we are registered Building Inspectors that can give you all the information you require so you can make that well informed decision prior to signing the dotted line. The industry in Victoria doesn’t require a person offering a service in pre purchase sale inspections to be registered in any way so in some cases you get what you payed for. Make sure you use a professional that has industry registration with the Victorian Building Authority Board.

Mandatory Building Inspections

Our work also includes mandatory building inspections, and we are qualified building inspectors. Once a building permit has been issued, there are four major stages when a formal building inspection is required. These are the foundations stage, the steel reinforcing in a slab or footings stage (or prior to pouring concrete), the framework stage, and the final inspection.

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