(QA) Quality Assurance Checks

All Australian homes are built in stages, under the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 Vic you make stage payments for your home if you are happy to proceed. Don’t make that progress payment until you have a stage inspection by us.

M2V Quality Assurance Inspection Program will determine if the builder’s work is satisfactory by conducting thorough on-site building inspections at any one, or all, of the various stages.
Don’t challenge your builder until you have a registered Building Inspector go over the work. Before you use any one else ask them if they are a registered building Inspector with the Victorian Building Authority.

  • There are 3 stages to this inspection, pre slab check on the buildings founding material, the appointed building inspection issued under the building will check this but for piece of mind about other surrounding issues and seeing that its the start of your building you want to have piece of mind. You will need to call before steel and plastic membrane are laid.
  • Steel check- once again this is a mandatory inspection but other items in the QA check are covered, plastic lapping, tree roots to name a few. Remember we are looking at the quality of work- You will need to call once steel is boxed in and prior to pouring of the concrete.
  • Finish slab Inspection- call us once the slab footing stage has been poured, we will come in and check the levels, sizes, quality and finish.
  • Frame inspections- This is done once the frame is confirmed complete by your builder, the mandatory building inspection is done and progress payment is demanded for the frame. As a registered Building Inspector we will check the timber quality, sizes and set outs, bracing and fixing as per the Timber Standards AS 1684
  • Lockup pre painted- Once your Builder is demanding progress payment have us look over it, includes-Insulation, straightness of walls, plumbing and electrical as per plan, brickwork/external cladding quality check, eave linings.
  • Finals/Handovers- Your Builder has called for you to take the keys and handover the property. We inspect all internal/external finishing, location of switch’s, points, defected work.
  • Post maintenance- just before your maintenance call back time expires; have us inspect any maintenance or faulty issues you are having. The report to your builder to repair and fix up can be used in Vcat if you are having trouble agreeing on terms.
  • Badge Guaranteed White
  • We Provide A 50 Year Structural Warranty
    Along With A $100,000 Timber Replacement Guarantee.

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