Termite Control

Stop Termite

Stop termites from eating you out of house and home by hiring the innovative and environmentally-responsible team at Metro 2 Valley. With more than 17 years of industry experience our skilled and fully-qualified team can prevent infestations from destroying your home and causing thousands of dollars of damage.

Able to be hired either as a response to an existing infestation, or as a preventative measure, our termite control solutions are highly-effective at repelling termites and putting an immediate and lasting stop to the damage they wreak on timber structures and supports.

Cost-effective and able to deliver visible results, our non-toxic control services and solutions do not impact the environment or put homeowners at risk of exposure to harmful chemicals. By trusting Metro 2 Valley to conduct our efficient termite control solutions Melbourne home and business owners can continue to enjoy the quality of life that comes from being in one of the world’s most liveable cities.

At Metro 2 Valley we use a superior combination of direct materials and products to offer your property the highest level of protection from termite invasion and infestation. Once we have used our products we proudly offer a 50-year structural warranty and will replace any timber that is damaged by termites after our visit up to $100,000.

Help safeguard you home against rot and deterioration by getting in touch with our team today on 0430 053 999.

Some Of The Products We Use

Primarily using Trithor Termite Barrier, Metro 2 Valley can stop termites dead in their tracks. Delivering a physical barrier that termites cannot cross, Trithor also repels termites and kills them fast, ensuring that any termite that happens to cross the barrier will be dead before it can cause lasting damage to your property. Highly-effective in stopping termite infestations in their tracks Trithor Termite Barriers come with a 50-year structural warranty as well as a $100,000 guarantee on any timber replacements that need to take place after barrier installation. Trithor Termite Barriers have a number of outstanding benefits including:

  • 50-YearStructural Warranty

  • $100,000Guarantee Timber Replacement

  • Comprised of a blanket made from a fibrous weave of unique materials Trithor acts as a physical barrier, stopping termites from getting through to timber beams and related structures.

  • Along with stopping termites, Trithor Barrier contain crystals that repel any termites from your property, eliminating the risk of infestation.

  • Finally, the active ingredient in Trithor Termite Barriers swiftly kills any termites who make contact with the barrier. With this three-pronged approach Metro 2 Valley can safeguard properties at risk of termite invasion.

To Stop Termite Invasions Before They Happen Trust EXTERRA

At Metro 2 Valley we strive to keep your home or business as safe as possible from the treat of termite intrusion. To deter termites from even entering your property we deploy EXTERRA Termite Bait to attract termites and ensure they don’t feast on your building’s timber structures. EXTERRA has proven to be so effective that it can eliminate an entire colony before they get a chance to come into your living or working space.

An Environmentally-Friendly Solution

At Metro 2 Valley our professional team are committed to having a minimal impact on the local environment with our termite repellent solutions and services. Continuing this commitment is our use of EXTERRA Interception and Baiting Systems. While other systems require highly-toxic and damaging liquid chemicals to be sprayed around the exterior of the home, EXTERRA uses contained systems to ensure that negative environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

By trusting the team at Metro 2 Valley, you can join the hundreds of thousands of Australians who are choosing to have EXTERRA installed on their property. Keep your home safe from termite infestations while also helping the environment by getting in touch with the helpful and innovative team at Metro 2 Valley.